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    A few years ago I got me a seamless durag and when I say seamless I mean totally seamless! I can't find the brand it was and I went and got me the Wavebuilder Seamless Durag but that one still has the line in it. Do anyone know any brands that have no line what so ever? I've been rocking the hell out of my seamless one to the point where it's time for a new one and I just wasted money on the wavebuilder one thinking it was totally seamless. Sad part is..this isn't my first time wasting money. The pic on the package show buddy durag with no seam but when i open and upwrap mine it has one. Holla!

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    nah but i would like one..if you find out pm me the brand

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    get one of dem tommy hilfinger ones
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    2 b honest i dont kno of ne but if u flip ur durag n side out that should do the trick.


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