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Thread: Sides curling up while wolfin'

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    Default Sides curling up while wolfin'

    So, I've been wolfin for about 5 weeks now and the progress is coming. Slower than most because I just cut my braids after 9 years but the waves are coming and starting to get deeper.

    What's really starting to annoy me is that my sides are curling up! I brush them down on an angle but whenever I do, my right side more than my left curls up... If I use pomade, they stay down for th emost part but if I use any type of watery moisturizer they curl back up.

    The tops lays down nicely, the back lays down nicely, the left side lays down nicely but my right side be acting up.

    What should I do about this?

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    For me the right side has always been the hardest. Maybe because i sleep on my right side? The only solution to your problem is to brush your right side more. Also, to make your hair more manigible try using some olive cholestoral/conditioner to make your hair softer and eaiser to wave. Check out my channel for GREAT tips and methods ---->
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    notin special needed it lays down after some weeks of training
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