What up wavers!! So, i use to be hella active on wb forums back in 2014/2015. Since then a lot has changed (stopped goin hard in the wave game, finished highschool, and went from android to iPhone gang) since then im back in the wave game and trying to get back on path #roadtoglory #roadtoelite. However, i cant seem to figure out how to upload a profile pic......photobucket is trolling, and when i changed the image size to 250x400 it still says invalid file. What i need to know is HOW DO YA UPLOAD YA PICS!?!?! From photobucket? (And if so how? Do u upload the photos at 250x400? Does photobucket have a way to resize? Etc) from you phone? (If iOS, plz tell me step by step how you go about it), or do ya do it from PC? LMK wb fam!! This shit is pissing me off lmao