Ambitious Hoodlyfe Jones – Oct 2016

Ambitious Hoodlyfe Jones has been posting on the Wavebuilder Facebook page for months. He’s shared pics and tips and his work has paid off this month. Congratulations to our October Wave King!

Wavebuidler: How long have you had 360 waves?

Ambitious Hoodlyfe Jones: Well I had waves on my top but I’ve been in the game for about 2 years and some months.

WB: What is your wavebuilding method?

AHJ: My routine is simple: Wash once a week, Brush every chance I get.  I use moisturizers, butters, and pure oils.  I apply products when needed. And if I’m chilling or not outside I’m ragged up saving progress..

WB: What are your favorite WaveBuilder products?

AHJ: My favorite WaveBuilder product would have to be the Wave Butter! it’s A Good Product!

WB: Besides building waves, what do you like to do?

AHJ: Well besides waving I like to bowl,freestyle, and so on.

WB: What do girls love about your waves?

AHJ: The girls love the flow of the waves. The older women say this line a lot: “You Got A Nice Set Of Waves” Lol

WB: Any advice to wavers just starting out with their wave game?

AHJ: To all the rookies if you’re just starting to wave, have patience. Your main concern should be brushing and compressing. As a beginning you could just start with a pomade or something like Olive Creme or Carrot Creme. Don’t focus on products or a million brushes until you advance. Just Keep That Brush Moving.

WB: How’s it feel to be Wave King?

AHJ: Mane it feels good to win the crown. I’ve been grinding for so long. With so many setbacks. It feels good to become King on the bounce back. And now I have something I can always remember. This wavy lyfestyle as long as Wavebuilder is around.

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