Angel L Rojas Valera – Dec 2014

Angel has been grinding hard for several months. He battled it out last month and then stepped up his game even more this month. We’re proud to announce our final wave king of 2014 to be Angel L Rojas Valera!

Wavebuilder: How long have you had waves? 

Angel Valera: Well i started taking waves seriously about a year ago but I used to wave back in high school when the waves era got popular in New York City back in the 90s‼️

WB: Whats your wave building method? 

AV: When it comes to wave building I don’t look at it like a method. I look at it as a hair style… Basically to create the wave style I brush and comb to manipulate the hairs to a certain direction developing the wave effect !! When I am not brushing my rag is on at all times‼️

WB: What is your favorite Wavebuilder product?

AV: My favorite wave builder product is the High Def pomade and the Spin’n Waves . Love how they smell and the way they make my hair texture look‼️

WB: What kind of brushes you use, and how many times a day do you brush?

AV: The main brush I use is the cpq green premium but I also love hard brushes. The diane 8159 and the D9007 are wave building brushes. I put in at least 3 hours or more of nothing but work everyday including weekends‼️ 

WB: Besides waves, what you like to do?

AV: Man I am a fun type of dude. I like basically like to enjoy life, love spending quality with my family entertaining them with jokes, and I also love traveling to my country, Dominican Republic‼️ 

WB: What do girls love about your waves??

AV: Lol my girlfriend loves touching my waves and that’s one thing I hate, somebody touching then. But overall she loves she loves when I have a fresh haircut (taper)‼️

WB: Any advice to wavers just starting out with their wave game ?

AV: Yes, my advice is the hardest part of waving is being consistent at it!! The hair style is all about having lineup curls!! Stay on top of your game !! And always rag up when not brushing.compression is a must‼️

WB: How’s does it feels to be waveking ?

AV: Wow it feels excellent sitting in the round table full of wavekings !! It’s been a pleasure making it this far‼️

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