Blaine Gasque Jr – June 2018

Blaine is the latest waver to win the title of Wavebuilder Wave King. He brushes nearly two hours a day to get his deep waves and has earned his crown!


Wavebuilder: How long have you had 360 waves?

BG: I’ve had 360 waves for 3 years

WB: What is your wavebuilding method?

BG: My wavebuilder method is warm towel with a oil and a medium brush.

WB: What kind of brush do you use, and how many times a day do you brush?

BG: I use Torino pros and Royaltys brushes and I brush about 5-6 times a day for about 20 minutes at a time.


WB: What are your favorite wave products?

BG: My favorite wave product is wavebuilder wave cream

WB: Besides building waves, what do you like to do?

BG: Other than building waves I like to coach football.

WB: What do girls love about your waves?

BG: Girls and my girl like how shiny my waves look.

WB: Any advice to wavers just starting out with their wave game?

BG:  My advice for wavers stating out is be patient with your journey and get better every month and don’t let no one tell you what you can’t do

WB: How does it feel to be wave king??

BG:  I feel amazing and proud to be king I’ve been working for this for over a year

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