Branden BWavy Jones – Sep 2016

Branden has only been waving for one year yet has just shown amazing progress. By brushing at least one hour every day, he has become the latest to join the great Wave Kings!

Wavebuilder: How long have you had 360 waves?

Branden BWavy Jones: I started waving in September of 2015.

WB: What is your wavebuilding method? 

BBJ: My wave building method is brushing consistently for at least an hour a day, all while maintaining clean and moisturized hair.

WB: What kind of brush do you use, and how many times a day do you brush? 

BBJ: I use Torino Pro, Diane, and Royalty brushes. I brush with them at least for an hour a day.

WB: Besides building waves, what do you like to do?

BBJ: Besides brushing my waves I enjoy playing video games, working on electronic devices, and spending time with my family.

WB: What do girls love about your waves? 

BBJ: Girls love to touch my waves. They like how soft and shiny my waves are.

WB: Any advice to wavers just starting out with their wave game?

BBJ: The advice I would give is be dedicated and patient and you will achieve greatness. Waves are time consuming and you have to love brushing if you want elite waves. Salute!

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