Jus Wavy – July 2015

Jus Wavy has been battling it out for wave king since he first made the top 3 back in March. He’s stayed in the game and his dedication has earned him this month’s crown.

WaveBuilder: How long have you had 360 waves?

Jus Wavy: I’ve had 360 waves for a year now.

WB: What is your wavebuilding method?

JW: My wave building method is to brush as much as possible and keep my hair healthy.

WB: What kind of brush do you use, and how many times a day do you brush?

JW: I use many brushes..Its not the brush that gives you waves…but how often you use any brush.I get 3-4 brush sessions a day with my Royal Family.

WB: What’s your favorite Wavebuilder product? 

JW:My favorite wavebuilder product is Cocoa and Shea Wave Butter with any Royal.Great Mix

WB: Besides building waves, what do you like to do?

JW: I love spending time with my family.Going to sporting events,concerts…Just enjoy life

WB: What do girls love about your waves? 

JW: Only my wife’s opinion matters…And she wishes I would get a baldy…Too bad for her!!! Lol

WB: Any advice to wavers just starting out with their wave game?

JW: Focus on brushing as much as possible.You want to get your waves to form.After that you can focus on details.

WB: How’s it feel to be Wave King?

JW: It feels great!!! To know that you worked hard to achieve a goal you gave yourself…It’s a unbelievable feeling.I want to give a shoutout to my ROYAL FAMILY for their support. King Poppy Blasted,King Raynard wavy Crockett,and future kings Strong spinna,Jay L Ross,Adrianne Griffin and Von Black!! Salute WB!!!

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