Kadainy Douglas – June 2016

Kadainy has been active on the Wavebuilder Facebook page for months. He brushes for three hours every day to get those perfect connections!

Wavebuilder: How long have you had 360 waves?

Kadainy Douglas: I have been waving since high school but started taking it seriously a year now.

WB: What is your wavebuilding method?

KD: I shower brush once or twice a week and brush my hair mostly with a hard brush daily and end my sessions with a soft brush and plastic bag.

WB: What kind of brush do you use, and how many times a day do you brush?

KD: I use my Diane 8159 , lado 5456 , rs stein 107 and Diane 8169 and I brush in the morning 1 hour, evenings 1 hour and night 1 hour.

WB: What are your favorite wave products?

KD: I like to use olive oil and argan oil daily and wave and shine pomade when my hair is long.

WB: Besides building waves, what do you like to do?

KD: Besides waving I like to watch wave videos and play video games.

WB: What do girls love about your waves?

KD: Girls like how they look and wonder how I get them like that and want to brush them.


WB: Any advice to wavers just starting out with their wave game?

KD: My advice to wavers coming up is stay focused and no matter what they say keep brushing because you know your goals so go get it.

WB: How’s it feel to be Wave King?

KD: It feels amazing–it was always my dream to become wave king some day and now it came true!

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