Vincent Burton – August 2011

Introducing Vincent Burton, WaveBuilder Wave King for August 2011. A two year veteran of waving, Vincent has some tips on wavebuilding and some great words of advice for wavebuilders who are just starting out.

And for those of you with questions about how to keep your waves looking before and after sports, he may be the guy to ask…

WB:  How long have you had 360 waves?
Vincent:  I have had 360 waves for about 2 years

WB:  What is your wavebuilding method?
Vincent:  My wavebuilding method is moisturize hair two times a day… Apply morning and night and after applied 200 brushing strokes on each side of your head and repeat at night. However you should have 3 sessions of brushing each side of your head 200 times everyday this will produce fast results if is consistently done. Another important thing is to always wolf for at least 4 weeks or longer to improve depth and overall connection truly wolfing is the only way to get real good spinning 360 waves.

WB:  What are your favorite WaveBuilder products?
Vincent:  My favorite wavebuilder products are spinnin waves , wash in waves , and deep wave pomade.

WB:  What kind of brush do you use, and how many times a day do you brush?
Vincent:  My favorite brush to use is the Diane 8119 and i brush probably about 2,400 strokes a day – 200 strokes each side, 3 times a day.

WB:  Besides building waves, what do you like to do?
Vincent:  Besides building waves i play football, basketball, and track, and i also like to bump music with my friends and have a good time.

WB:  What do girls love about your waves?
Vincent:  Girls love how my waves are a perfect 360, soft and smell good. I always get the question is it okay for me to touch your hair especially from the white girls haha.

WB:  Any advice to guys just starting out with their wave game?
Vincent:  For advice for people just startin out i’d have to say stay consistent don’t give up and to just brush brush brush always because waves do not come overnight and good 360 waves do not come in a month. It takes hard work, consistency and patience so just keep with it. Believe me, it pays off in the end.

WB:  How’s it feel to be a WAVE KING!?
Vincent:  And lastly it feels good to be waveking finally. i tried really hard to help people out and spread my knowledge to others and it feels good it paid off. Thanks a lot wavebuilder team!

Thanks, Vincent!

- The WaveBuilder Team


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