Wolfin’ Part 1

Editor’s Note: This post is part of a series by our featured writer, Vega Smith. For more posts by Vega, check out his profile here.

Vega Smith WolfinWhat is wolfing? It’s a question I see a lot from new wavers. Wolfing is the process in which a person grows their hair out by consistently brushing, moisturizing, and du-ragging or wave capping. Why should you wolf? You should wolf your hair to get your waves deeper, more defined, and also more connected. Wolfing is how all those wavers who inspired you got their waves to the maximum level. Wolfing is the answer to a lot of issues you have with your hair; especially when trying to get your waves to come in. From the moment your hair starts to grow after a cut you are considered “wolfin”.


Things to remember while wolfing:

  • First off, wolfing is a process that is determined by your particular hair type. Wolf to fit you!
  • Keep your hair moist. This is one issue you have to handle early in the wolfing session. I suggest Wave Butter.
  • Hey, if your hair starts to stick up DON’T FRET! It is just new growth ;-) I suggest you add a new product to your process; something that gives your hair more hold. There are different types of products you can use for extra hold, like a cream or pomade. Play around with the different types of holding products until you find the one that’s right for you.
  • As your hair grows you will have to brush more and more. Come on guys, you gotta step up the brushing to get maximum results! Just sayin.

Combed out

A few points on getting your hair cut:

  • It’s time to get a cut when brushing, and pomade or gel no longer contains your hair.
  • Make sure you let your barber know to start high and work their way down. This will ensure they do not f*@k up your progress!!!!!
  • Check out my previous post on getting your hair cut for more tips on this.



As you’re wolfing the hair may start to stick out from under your du-rag on the sides and also on the back of the head. When this happens, I usually give myself a taper on the sides and the back so that I can sport a clean look, but still go on strong with my wolfing session.


Once again y’all, this is Vega Smith and I hope these inside tips help with your wolfin’ sessions. If you have any questions/comments you know where to find me! Jot them down below, and I’ll get back w/ya! And check out my other posts here.

Until the next blog  keep brushing iight !!!!


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